Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is what its all about!

This is probably my favorite picture. It sums up the reason I love teaching your girls. See the smile on megan's face? That is the smile I see on all your girls when they finish a project and they know, "I have made this all by myself!" I love all of your girls! Thank you for letting me teach them:)

More Fun Pictures!

Junior High Class

This has been a really FUN class! I made a class of 7th grade and older (sorry I am missing Rachel). I think they had a lot of fun and even learned a little. Ha Ha. Finding time in their busy schedules to sew, I know has been hard, but i really enjoyed these girls. I hope I can find another time that works for everyone in the future. It was soo much fun getting to know them better, and teaching them some sewing skills. I wish I had some of their energy!!! They are so cute!

More Aprons!

I think one of the best part of sewing is seeing what fabric the girls pick out for their projects. I can see their personalities come out in the fabric they choose. Make sure they get them a little dirty over the holidays and help in the kitchen!

Adult Sewing Class

I LOVE this class! It is so much fun sewing aprons and PJ's and baby blankets. . . One of these mornings I will have warm "yummy" muffins to share. I keep trying to make treats for the morning class, and keep burning everything. I'm not great at multi tasking (getting kids off to school and baking at the same time) Ha Ha. Don't worry girls, the adults are not better sewers than you! Sorry ladies. JK. We do have a lot of laughs tho.

Halloween Cats!

I decided to do a Halloween project for my sewing classes. After the first class, I discovered it was a little difficult for the girls so only one class ended up doing them. I think they did a really good job for their FIRST stuffed animal!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Fun Pictures!

Just learning basic skills! Believe it or not, I had to teach some of your girls that they cannot leave the iron down while they are not using the iron. You can thank me later:)


We will make aprons after we finish our skirts, so you still have time to buy material.
1 yd material for apron
1/2 yd material for ruffle and pocket
1 spool ribbon to match (apx. 1/2" to 3/4" wide)
Thread to match


As requested, a picture may help you in picking out the material. The bottom skirt is what we are currently working on, and most have already bought their material. The top two is material some of the girls have picked out just to give you ideas on the different color combos you can do. Its really fun seeing what the girls create and bring to class.
3/4 yd material
1/2 yd material for ruffle
1" elastic
matching thread

Pillows! Project #2

Each girl designed and sewed their own pillow. They learned to sew right sides together and to back stitch at the beginning and end of each row. They also learned to hand sew.

First Sewing Project

The first project we made were little bags to keep all of our sewing supplies in. The girls did a great job on their first ever sewing project! They use these bags to carry their scissors, pin cushions and sewing items with them each week to class.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I will be adding a new class starting Thursday, October 22 - Thursday, Nov 19. The class will be 6:30 - 8:00. It will be for junior high girls and older. If you are interested, leave a comment with your email address and I will send you more info. The cost is $50 per girl. It will be a beginning sewing class but we will pace ourselves at whatever level they can sew.

Thursday Class!

They did such a great job. It is fun to see the different material each girl picks out. We have sewn sewing bags, pillows, and PJ bottoms. This next month we will be working on skirts, aprons, and possibly a purse if we have enough time.

This is my Tuesday class. I told them before we started our next sewing project we had to practice threading our machines. They are getting to be little pros at sewing.

Look What We Made!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cooking Classes!

Cooking classes will be coming soon! I can't wait to teach these girls how to make dinner so I don't have to any more!